Explore the Versatileness of Odisha Textile Tour

India has been a country famous for its versatility and beauty of textiles produced in different parts of the country. The rich state of Odisha has been the cherry on the cake being the best choice to explore when it comes to textiles. Odisha Textile Tour will give you a chance to explore thousands of weavers who have been personifying workmanship on textile at every fabric. The beautiful state of Odisha has been a big industry for textile and has dealt with workers and weavers creating excellent silk, cotton and tusser fabrics. The weavers have been created to blend mythological texts on classical fabrics. The place is famous for the weavers of Nuapatna who have made the special silk called Ikat, deemed to be of super high quality. We are sure that all this gives you ample reasons to definitely opt for the textile tour in Odisha.

The Textile Tour Itinerary

When you kick start your Odisha textile tour you can look to start with the Olasing Textile Village near Bhubaneshwar which is a nice place to visit because of the only people and also the fact that you get to enjoy the traditional tiger mask dance. Next, you can go to Nuapatna where you can discover special printing technique call Ikat get done over the famous tusser silk. There you will be getting a chance to explore complete silk production from cocoon to the cloth and later the famous tie and die, ‘Ikat’. Then you can visit the Sonepur which is a silk production hub and an interesting place to be for a short while.

Later, you can take the Sambal-Puri trip where you get a chance to buy some dazzling designs of one of the best saris in India SabalPuriPata. You can visit the brilliant Alandhua textile villages that act as a home to weavers and wrappers. Moreover, you can get a chance to visit the Appliqué village at Pipili.

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