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All it takes to stand up again is a helping hand - be the one.....

POST FANI #rebuildlivelihood

Cyclone FANI has passed destroying the beautiful heritage town of Puri and it's neighbourhood. The cyclone has shattered their means of livelihood but not their skill and the spirit to go on.

Post FANI, the greatest challenge now is to the survive the loss that has been made and rebuild livelihood right from the start. FANI has made the damage with all its might, but here we are to fight back, TOGETHER.

We at Odisha Eco-Tourism Foundation (a registered non-profit trust), have intended a humble initiative to rebuild livelihood/small businesses at grass root level. We have carefully identified few such businesses and livelihood projects which could be an opportunity for you to become a helping hand to somebody in need.

A little support is what they need


  • 1: Identify such small business or livelihood which is severely damaged due to the cyclone and connect with sponsors to rebuild.
  • 2: To verify the quantum of loss and support rebuilding by providing financial and technical support as per their requirements to rebuild.
  • 3: To sign an agreement for repayment of instalment with out interest after two years and also adopt a sustainable /Eco friendly model of business or commitment for protection of local environment by planting and adopting trees etc.
  • 4: To establish a direct contact between the donor and the beneficiary so that they can establish a human relationship in times to come.
  • 5: To set up community based projects to create employment at the affected areas or to create ulternative livelihood projects to supplement their income.


  • 1: We are committed and involved.
  • 2: We are transparent and let you connect with the business you are going to support.
  • 3: we have experience working with local community at grassroot level and have established trust, faith of the community as well as government as genuine volunteers
  • 4: we are willing to partner with any like minded individuals, organisations and like to highlight their support though our network.
  • 5: We shall arrange your visit to the site of the project you intend to support.
  • 6: We shall provide you the picture of the rebuild business with your signage.
  • 7: We are a not for profit and registered under trust act.


  • 1-Support a small business
  • 2: Community based business

Support a small business

Please see below the list of small business we intend to support with your help.

SL. NO. Picture Name Livelihood Location Required Amount (Rs.) Supported By
1 Cycle-shop
A cycle repairing shop for villagers
Trilochan Nayak Cycle shop Baliguali 25,000 -
2 Tea-shop
support his old parents from this tea stall
at college square, PURI
UMA Tea shop Puri 50,000 -
3 Sweet-shop
Known for its little snacks shop at BALIGHAI
junction on the way to KONARK
Dushasan Shoo Sweet shop Balighai 45,000 -
4 Subidha bhoi and Dhanu bhoi Subidha bhoi and Dhanu bhoi Fishing
Requirement - nets
Gambhari 4800 per person -
5 Naba Parida and others Naba Parida and others Fishing
Require - Boat
Gambhari 25,000 per person -
6 Says bhoi and others Says bhoi and others Fishing
Requirment- Net
- Rs 5,000 per person -
7 Pitambar mishra Pitambar mishra Priest
Req - Bicycle
Banki muhan nua sahi 4,500 -
8 Fishing - Fishing Satapada 40,000 -
9 Kuna-mani-sahoo
Famous for her cheese cake on the way
to Konark near BALIGHAI
Kuna Mani Sahoo - - - -
10 Manas-sahoo
After a certificate course
on hotel management, stayed back In
the village to take care of his
old parents. Run this snacks stall for his livelihood.
Manas Sahoo - - - -
11 Papu-bettle-shop Papu Bettle Shop - - -
12 Vijay Jena
This auto is his only livelihood.
Vijay Jena Auto Bankimuhana (nua sahi )
Near - Hotel samudra
- -
13 Bijoy Vijay carpenter Puri 35,000 -
14 Dilu Dilu Sweet and tea stall Baliguali 20,000 -
15 Rabi narayan mohanty Rabi narayan mohanty Grossory shop Banki muhan, Puri - -
15 Bijoy-Barik Bijoy Barik Barber Ram manndir square, PURI 25,000 -
15 Tiki-Mala Tiki Mala Tailor shop Ram manndir square, PURI 25,000 to rebuild the cabin -

Community Based Tourism Project

We intend to set up an Eco camp with tented accommodation at CHILIKA LAKE which will be bring the benefit of tourism to the local community. This Eco camp will not only a center for various Eco tourism activities but also can be a learning center for students to study the Eco system of Chilika lake.

Activities like accommodation, catering and various experiences related to livelihood around Chilika will be the focus.

A day with a fisherman - will provide unique experience to the visitors as they can spend a day with a local fishermen.

Project cost - Rs 25lakh

How to support

You can transfer your contribution to our account or send to the account of the beneficiary directly after visiting the site.

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