The Best Tourism Place in Odisha you must Visit

tourism place in odisha

India is one of the few places in the world, where you can enjoy various types of adventures during the tours. You can find temples, beaches, hills, mountains, wildlife, rivers, deserts, and various other things throughout India. One of the most popular places in India is Odisha, which is known for the Jagannatha Temple. You can find a lot of tourism place in Odisha as you can go to Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konark, and Chilika Lake. All these places have thousands of tourists every month. If you want to enjoy comfortable tours of these places, then you can book a tour using the help of a professional company.

Go to Bhubaneshwar to visit the famous temple

You can first go to Bhubaneshwar if you are looking for the best tourism place Odisha. It is the first place that you will find when you start to search for popular places in Odisha. Here you can find Hindu Lingaraja Temple and Rajarani Temple. You can also visit the Museum at Bhubaneshwar where you can find antique weapons and Patachitra paintings. The tourists who want to explore wildlife can go to the Nandakanan Zoological Park where you can see the Lions and elephants and it also has a botanical garden.

Puri or Chilika Lake to enjoy a seaside view

Puri is another popular Odisha tourism place which is because of the Sri Jagannatha Dhama. It is one of the four original Dham which has great significance in the Indian culture. It was known by different in the past like Sri Kshetra or Badadeula. The ritual duties of the temple are still done by the heir of the Gajapati Dynasty and about 80% of the economy of Puri is dependent on this temple. So you can get an idea about the popularity of this place in the Hindu culture.

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