Tribal Tour Packages in Odisha

It is very interesting to observing the Tribal Tour Packages in Odisha, tribal culture and traditions, the life style of tribal peoples, their food habits, their clothes, rituals, believes are quite and provides extreme experience.

Cultures and Tribal Tour Packages in Odisha

According to the Constitution of the Indian Republic there are 62 distinct tribes are present in different locations of Odisha. The tribal cultures are distinct between different tribes. All tribes are leaving in forest, depending on forest but leaving style, believe and rituals are a little bit different between tribe to tribe.

Some Main Tribes of Odisha

Among all tribes Kondha, Santals,  Saura,  Bonda are the tribes those are very famous and popular among foreign tourist, many tourists from all over the world visiting Odisha for Tribal Tours of Odisha.


Kondha or Kandha are the tribes those contents maximum population than other tribes, people of this tribe are mostly located in Kandhamal, Rayagada, Koraput, Balangir and Boudh districts of Odisha.

Santals is another tribe that is located in Mayurbhanj district and more than 500,000 Santal peoples are present. Like other tribes Saura is an important tribe and 300,000 Saura people are present in Ganjam and Puri district. Saura tribes are very important in Jagannath Culture.


The tribal peoples are very nearer to nature, they wear very simple clothes made by their own, and they grow their own food and live in very simple houses made with bamboo like simple things.


Some tribes like Bonda those are still leaving Naked, these People don’t wear clothes, more than 5,000 Bonda people are leaving in Koraput and Malkangiri district of Odisha.

Heritage Tours Orissa tries to encourage tourist for tribal tours by providing special Tribal Tour Packages in Odisha, the main objective behind that is promoting the tourism in Odisha and developing the leaving standard of tribal peoples of Odisha.


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