Support Livelihood

After the cyclone FANI left our coast devastated, we started this small initiative of #support livelihood which was an humble attempt to support small businesses to stand at their own feet.

It was tough to organise resources, identify the businesses to whom we can support (as almost everywhere there was devastation), communication (as there was no power or internet for more than a month) , funds etc .

“When there is a will- there is a way “ and friends came forward to support our initiative and adopted the small businesse or livilihoods as per their capacity .All we had to do is- to connect and ensure proper execution .

We sincerely thanks our supporters and traveller friends who stood by us by supporting this project which has certainly touched more than 60 lives at grassroots level. It gives us a tremendous happiness to see the smiles at the face of these grassroot businesses as we visit them today.


Our World is now going through crises as the covid 19 virus as reached every region of our world. In this crucial time we all need to work together to overcome this difficult phase of life as it says- Good time or Bad time, no time stays.

What most we need at this time is -SOLIDARITY .We need to support the victims or the most effected community who lost their livelihood due to the LOCKDOWN .

TOURISM is the worst victim of these crises as most of the services across the world is closed which lead to massive unemployment at this green industry which use to contribute 10% of GDP.

We have taken small initiative #SOLIDARITY to support the grassroots service providers around our destination by organizing dry rations for their kitchen, awareness campaign for safety and hygiene, books for quarantine center, Yoga classes for the institutional quarantine centers.


Seventy beach vendors like beach life guards, massage men, beach photographers, 25 Rickshaw pullers, 20 AUTO RIKSHWA DRIVERS, 80 senior citizens and 30 other people from the community were supported.

Hope this inspires others to extend a helping hand and show their solidarity to the victims of this covid19 virus which has affected every one, directly or indirectly.

Know Your City

IT is not the same SUNDAY nor the same class room with four walls.

Know Your City is such an initiative by Odisha Eco Tourism foundation in Associatin with PURI Dist Administration which aims to educate 300 students from various high school at PURI where the students joins a bicycle tour to explore the rich cultural heritage of the city and also they get an opportunity to interact with scholars , Sr .Dist officials to know about future city planing , sanitation initiative etc.

Started on 19th JAN 2020 with 50 students from BISWAMBHAR BIDYAPITHA , 2ND FEB 31 Students from Girls High school ,9th Feb 50 students from Zilla School has participated on this ongoing programme.

Research scholars like DR SURENDRA MISHRA , Dr.BHASKAR MISHRA , Sevayat BISWANATH SAMANTARAI joined the team to enlighten the students about the rich cultural heritage .

It is indeed inspiring for students to interact with Dist Magistrate, Divisional Forest Officer who threw light on future projects of the city .

Now the schools are waiting for SUNDAY ….


When we visit to their villages, they always ask us why these people (foreigners) are coming here. I explain them that they are tourists and they are here as travellers to see things which they do not get to see in their day today life. Still the folks in the village do not understand why someone need to TRAVEL as for them life is limited to their field; block office (for rice), weekly market, local hospital max.

We sponsored a trip for These folks from our adopted village near our camp DESIA to experience the life as a Tourist as they come first time out of their normal life, first time in train, first time by the sea or at a Temple of such magnitude like Puri – Konark and lucky to witness the rituals inside the temple as God returns home after Ratha Yatra (spl thanks to my friend Nata babu and Soumendra Priyadarshi)

We are privileged to have this opportunity to show them another world and enjoyed each moment as they enjoyed their life as a Tourist.

NOW they are back in home and hope they can understand why people Travel!!!!! They can understand tourism better than before.

Win Win for all and good practice of RESPONSIBLE TOURISM. Is not it??



As responsible travelers seek out both the highlights of a destination and true experience of local culture but in a way that benefit the local communities. we at HERITAGE TOURS not only deliver the authentic local experience but ensures active steps to care for the destination and local community.

Our founders have established a separate dedicated arm of Heritage tours in the name of BAREFOOT which is registered in society act. Team Barefoot is focused on four Es:

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Employment


As a step to care for ENVIORNMENT we have regular activities such as beach cleaning at Puri, Testing of CO2 emission for the auto rickshaws, Plantation, Film shows in schools on Global warming, awareness for conservation of Olive Ridley sea turtle and many other events.



As a commitment for EDUCATION, we regularly support a school at the tribal area by providing scholarship to the deserving students and play equipments. We ensure our guests to spend some time in these schools during our tribal tour.

In order to conserve ENERGY we have organized a workshop for more than 70 technical persons from hotel industries which is followed by a energy audit by professionals.

We have serious plan to set up community based tourism on community ownership basis which will create EMPLOYMENT and economic upliftments for the locals.

When you travel with Heritage tours, we ensure the following principles


  • We always leave the place more cleaner than what it was before we camp
  • For cooking while camping we use gas than fire wood.
  • Our vehicles are well maintained and regularly checked based on emission rules. Also our drivers are trained to minimize the sound pollution by not blowing un necessary horns.
  • We encourage plantation on the destinations we visit


  • We use small and local owned hotels , home stays, eating places and local transport wherever possible
  • We hire local guides to escort our guests in selected destinations even though we have an accompanying guide for the entire tour
  • We buy local groceries, vegetables and crafts from the community we visit in our tours


  • We enjoy a good relation with the communities we visit as we ensure respectful behavior from our guests to the locals and the local culture.
  • We contribute to the communities for their festivals and other need based issues.
  • We are in process of setting up accommodation in village near Chilika lake and Koraput on community ownership basis