Celebration of Famous Odisha Festival Bali Yatra 2016

Bali Yatra is a very important festival in Odisha culture, every year on the full moon day in the month of Kartik this festival is celebrated by the Odia peoples on the banks of Mahanadi River. Thousands of people from different districts of Odisha also from other states are coming to Cuttack to participate in Bali Yatra festival celebration. Every year people celebrating this festival with heart full of joys and on the year Odisha Festival Bali Yatra 2016 is going to be celebrated by peoples of Odisha in a very glamorous way.

A Brief Historical of Odisha Festival Bali Yatra 2016

Let’s have a look on the history of Bali Yatra, according to the old legends the ancient traders (Sadhabas) of Odisha considered the day of Kartik Purnima as very auspicious, and prefer to venture on a journey to distant lands namely the islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

So as a ritual or to tribute to ancient sailors of Odisha, people float artificial boats made of paper, cork, colored paper and banana tree barks in the river and remembering those brave Sadhabas (traders).

As the Sadhabas are the traders those visited different countries and sale their products and earns money to home land, so to tribute them a very big temporary market was constituted on the banks of Mahanadi River where Bali Yatra was celebrated.

People very much have fun by visiting or participating on Bali Yatra, they enjoy the testy food and also many other types of handicrafts are available at this festival those attracts visitor attention.

These is no doubt that at 2016 people celebrate Bali Yatra festivals in more efficient way than this year and new varieties of products and food items surely made available on Odisha Festival Bali Yatra 2016.

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