Duration: 3 Night / 4 Day

Destination: Mangalajodi – Parikud – Satapada - puri

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  • Day 01: Mangalajodi

    Its vast wetlands attract thousands of migratory birds, journey from as far different places of the world. Its wetlands now host more than 1.5 lakhs of birds in the peak season. November to March is a good time to visit for enjoying an amazing experience. Its importance as a significant global wetland habitat and declared as an International Bird Conservation Area.

    This village is not only famous as a birding destination or Eco-tourism, but also ritual performances of villagers. Many occasions and festivals are celebrated in Mangalajodi. Danda Yatra is one of the oldest ritual occasions celebrated in the month of Chaitra, performed by the people of this village in an amazing way for imparting Indian culture and social-upliftment. Paika Akhada is another dance performed by some villagers.

    You will take a boat ride on the mythical waters of Chilika Lake which welcomes every year thousands of migrating birds from all over the world.

    You will nest in an eco resort in Mangalajodi and enjoy the calm of nature.

  • Day 02: Parikud

    Before 1774, Parikud was under the king of Bankad (now Banpur). As Bankara was always attacked by east India Company, Raja of Bankad Sri Harisevak Mansingh first came to Parikud and established his capital known as Nrusinghgarh at Gurubai. Finally Raja Bhagirathi Mansingh shifted his capital to Krishnaprasad and erected the royal palace in the year 1798. British rulers could not attack Parikud due to its location for many years as the region was covered with Chilika lake. There is a folktale suggesting that a milkman who informed the king about the crane killing an eagle, the king was fascinated to shift his capital to Krishnaprasad. The king also donated a village for Brahmins (sasan) which is known as Bhagirathipur Sasan.

    When the British invaded Odisha from the south in 1803, the traitor Fateh Muhammed, a ferry owner from Kandakhai (Malud) met them on the shores of Chilika. He showed them the eastern route, by which they managed to reach Puri undetected. In, return, Fateh Muhammed was given freehold of the areas of Malud and Parikud, most of which is today called Garh Krishnaprasad block.

    In the morning you will leave Mangalajodi for Parakud island and be the King and Queen of the lake for 1 night.

    You will also visit Kalijai island considered to be the abode of the Goddess Kalijai which attracked many pilgrims.

    Enjoy a royal dinner and a stay in an heritage site.

  • Day 03: Satapada

    Satapada on Chilika is very famous for Irrawaddy Dolphins (Orcaella brevirostrate). ‘Sata’ means ‘Seven’ and ‘Pada’ Means ‘Village’, so the name Satapada means a group of seven villages. It is located in the southern part of the Chilika Lake. Satapada is also famous for Sea Mouth Island where Chilka lake meets the Bay of Bengal.

    After a romantic stay on Parakud Island, you will proceed to Satapada.

    You will spend a part of the day with fishermen to admire they way of living and even go on a boat ride with them. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the famous Irrawaddy dolphins.

    After this wonderful day with locals, enjoy some rest in Desia Eco Camp in Chilika Lake.

  • Day 04: Puri

    Puri is known by several names since the ancient times, and was locally known as “Sri Kshetra” and Lord Jagannatha temple is known as “Badadeula”. Puri and the Jagannatha Temple were invaded 18 times by Muslim rulers, from the 4th century AD till the early 19th century with the objective of looting the treasures of the temple. Odisha, including Puri and its temple, were part of British India from 1803 till India attained independence in August 1947. Even though princely states do not exist in India today, the heirs of the Gajapati Dynasty of Khurda still perform the ritual duties of the temple. The temple town has many Hindu religious mathas or monasteries.

    After breakfast, check-out from Desia Eco Camp, and proceed to Puri for a romantic and spiritual visit of this holy city with the Green Riders rickshaw.

    After the ride you can enjoy you last moment in Puri with a walk on the beach through the market and enjoy the sunset on the Bay of Bengale.

    Tour ends with sweet memories of Chilika Lake.