Rajim Kumbha mela is one of the most colourful festival of Chatisgad state which has been celebrated at rajim alng the mighty Mahanadi river which attract  thousand thousand pilgrims , lots of sadhus and saints. the most attractive is Naga sadhus who are naked and smearing their body with ashes from fire place.

Date of celebration: 27th Feb to 11th march 2021


Meet the unique and mystical Naga sadhus  and witness their miracles, the beautiful Rajim lochan temple and the pilgrim activities along the river with craft bazar support you to discover another india.

Duration: 02 Nights / 13 Days

Destination: Visakhapatnam - Rayagada - Ankadelli - Desia - Bastar - Rajim - Raipur

  • Day 1: Visakhapatnam

    1st march 2021 – Visakhapatnam arrival and transfer to a nice boutique hotel along the sea.

  • Day 2: Rayagada

    2nd march – Take the train to Rayagada and overnight stay in a clean & basic hotel. Afternoon visit the Desia kondh tribal villages.

  • Day 3: Rayagada

    3rd march – Today visit and meet tattoo faced Kutia kondh tribes at their village. Overnight stay in the same hotel at Rayagada.

  • Day 4: Dunguria

    4th march – Visit the Dunguria kondh , highlander tribes , bamboo making craft village at Minapai and overnight stay at Desia Eco tourism.
  • Day 5: Ankadelli

    5th march – Desia and excursion to Ankadelli to meet most interesting Bonda tribes.
  • Day 6: Desia

    6th march – Desia and hike to various tribal villages of paraja, mali, gadaba tribes.
  • Day 7: Kotapad

    7th march – visit the tribal weavers village of Kotapad , weekly market of muria tribes and the spectacular chitrakoot waterfall. overnight stay in Jagdalpur.
  • Day 8: Bastar

    8th march – Visit the amazing bastar bellmetal craft at Kondagaon, visit muria tribal village and overnight stay at Kanker.
  • Day 9: Rajim

    9th march – Visit Rajim to experience great Kumbha mela. Overnight stay at Raipur.
  • Day 10: Raipur

    10th march – morning excursion to Rajim and visit the kumbha mela site and free afternoon to explore Raipur market.

  • Day 11: Bhoram Deo temple

    11th march – Enjoy shiva ratri festival at Bhoram Deo temple and overnight stay,in an Eco resort at Bhoramdeo.

  • Day 12: Baiga tribal village

    12th march – Visit to Baiga tribal village and their colourful weekly market. overnight stay at Bhoramdeo .
  • Day 13: Raipur

    13th march – Departure for Raipur to board your onward flight.