All You Need To Know About the Tribes of Odisha


We all know that Odisha is a state extravagantly rich in culture and nature has blessed them with the best love in the form of forests and the spectacular flora and fauna and witnessed while one visit the place. Amidst this rich green treasure of Odisha, the Tribes of Odisha have trailed a long and rich history of their own kind. The tribal tours of odisha have been living harmoniously with nature practicing and preserving their precious culture and cult. We have brought you and informative inside of the tribes of Odisha and everything that you should know before visiting Odisha for holiday.

Explore the great ‘munda’ tribes

Basically, Munda refers to a particular group of tribes which is known to have spoken English since inception and civilization. While you get acquainted with the Odisha tribes, you are most likely to come across groups like the ones you won’t find anywhere else. The state of Odisha calls for the tribal tour because it is a lovely home to all these tribes. You will be delighted to know that there are over 6 million under speakers all over and culture and lifestyle are as evident as a beam of light. While you visit the great Odisha land of tribes, you will witness a true harmony with nature as the Munda drives are mostly settled, farmers. You can teach your children what exactly is slash and burn agriculture as the tribes of Odisha practice it in the truest sense.

The ‘Bondo’ Tribe

As the name suggests, the Bandhu is your tribe that has been living in Bondo hills of Odisha. You can experience the true old India while witnessing the mud walls, saw roof huts all set up on a sandbar.

And many more…

While we have got you an insight of the most eminent tribes of Odisha, but this doesn’t and the list. The tribes like Konds, a fraction of gods and many much more can be explored and enjoyed as hey lead simple lives which can be special for us.

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